Mike Williams

Mike Williams
Director of Innovation
and Associate Professor

Born, raised, and educated in Kansas, I landed my first job as a professional photographer in Oregon. The Willamette National Forest and its diversity of wildlife quickly became a frequent destination for work and pleasure.

As I matured in my media career, my storytelling moved toward informing the public of the need for sustainability, not only in the forests but in all we do to support the existence of everything living across the state, country, and globe.

My career includes experience in professional media, teaching, and higher education administration, with work including strategic planning, program innovation, staff development, partnership management, and startup creation. Within these broad areas, I have focused on the development of multiple forms of information delivery with emphasis on continuous improvement of online presentation.

I am a champion for positive change and transparent team management. My belief in information as a critical element for social good leads me toward a constant review of how we communicate and use technology to improve learning and knowledge. I continue to use images and words to tell stories, and my recent personal projects have focused on documenting the birds of the Oregon Coast.

  – Mike Williams

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